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Vision Statement

At Rest Assured, LLC, our vision is for our consumers to take reasonable steps toward establishing healthy relationships, to develop proper coping skills, to learn to manage their range of emotions, to excel educationally, to eliminate self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, to develop self-discipline and respect for others and an overall healthy sense of themselves all while taking the proper steps to forge goal achievement and advancement. The staff of Rest Assured, LLC is committed to these principles and the belief that with a willingness to receive such guidance, that these values can be actualized by each individual who is placed in the program.

Mission Statement

The staff of Rest Assured, LLC will utilize the structure and provisions of this program to provide quality service and forge personal growth for each individual. We intend to take full advantage of every opportunity to develop positive behavior and favorable life management skills with all clients through a daily structure of care and activities, therapeutic services, educational support and life skills instruction.

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