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The Program Overview

Rest Assured, LLC is an organization formed to provide a safe haven for youth aged 12 to 18. The organization operates two therapeutic community-based residential treatment facilities that are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, designed to ensure the advancement and overall well-being of each individual who is placed. 

Comprised of qualified, well-trained individuals whose daily mission is to serve and support the needs of the youth placed, Rest Assured, LLC's programs are for individuals with mental health diagnosis and/or some proven difficulty with behavioral and emotional management. The structure of the program includes emphasis on educational pursuits; life and personal skills development; therapeutic services consisting of individualized, family or guardian, and group therapy sessions; recreational exposure; life and social skills counseling groups; behavior management and modification tools, in addition to components to promote advancement of their self-esteem. Although guided by a structured program of care, each youth in the program is treated as a valued individual, whose interests, needs and preferences are paramount to his/her overall care and outlook for success. 

We also share the belief that all youth in foster care deserve an opportunity for permanency planning as well as preparation for independent living. This may include a placement in a residential facility where they can develop the skills which will increase their success for the potential for reunification with their family/origin, to reside in another loving family environment, or to eventually reside on their own.

Males and females are housed separately. Homes are located in North Chesterfield County.

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